Crystal Green (1).jpg

Crystal Green is a policy manager at JFF. In that role, she provides administrative and communications support to help the JFF Policy team advance the organization’s federal and state policy initiatives.

Her skills and areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership development and training
  • Program design and implementation
  • Project and operations management
  • Community-building and community engagement
  • Contracts, acquisitions, and procurement
  • Event planning
  • Advising

Before joining JFF, Crystal was an admissions and academic programs manager in the School of Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In that role, she oversaw course scheduling and enrollment processes, as well as admission and graduation initiatives. Additionally, she served as an adviser and as a liaison between students, faculty, and various departments.

Crystal was a 2018 Postsecondary Policy National Institute (PNPI) Summer Scholar. She served as a panelist in the January 2020 PNPI Federal Student Loan Debt and Repayment Boot Camp for Prospective Policymakers, which covered strategies on default mitigation and prevention for more than 30 doctoral students, lobbyists, think tank analysts, and nonprofit professionals. PNPI is a provider of professional development programs for current and prospective federal policymakers who work on higher education issues.

Reflecting on her decision to join JFF, Crystal says, “There is a great need to create and implement viable solutions that eliminate disparities and systemic barriers that prevent individuals, specifically members of underrepresented groups, from building economic security and mobility. I am attracted to JFF’s innovative and multidisciplinary approach in addressing these systemic barriers. Most of all, I admire JFF’s efforts to emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion in its policies and practices.”

“I’m originally from Brooklyn,” she says. “Outside of work, I am an adventure enthusiast, an aspiring foodie, and a binge-watcher. I also enjoy singing, dancing, and spending time with loved ones.”