Ellen Bohle.jpeg

Ellen Bohle is a senior program manager at Jobs for the Future. A member of the Advancement Unit, she contributes to JFF’s work with local, regional, and state leaders across the country to offer technical assistance and develop and scale strategies to support college and career pathways.

Her skills and areas of expertise include:

• K-12 to postsecondary transitions

• College and career pathways

• Program design, implementation, and management

• Cross-sector partnerships

Before joining JFF, Ellen worked with the Tennessee Board of Regents, where she led an interagency partnership with the Tennessee Department of Education to administer Tennessee Pathways, a statewide strategy for aligning educational programs to high-quality, high-demand employment opportunities. She supervised a team of statewide regional coordinators and supported school districts and their partners in efforts to build and expand college and career pathways for students.

Earlier in her career, she spent five years supporting programs and direct services for Nashville’s refugee and immigrant population through work in the local school system and nonprofit organizations.

After spending over a decade in local and statewide roles within a variety of systems and becoming deeply aware of systemic barriers that many students and families face, Ellen says she decided to join JFF because she is inspired by the organization’s focus on transforming systems to achieve equitable economic advancement for all. She is excited to take her expertise to a national level.

She has a master’s degree in community development and action from Vanderbilt University and a bachelor’s degree in French from Belmont University.

Ellen lives in Nashville with her husband, Kyle, and their pit bull, Wilbur. She loves to travel and explore different cultures, but when in Nashville, she can usually be found listening to records and drinking interesting wines with her husband.