Eugene So

Managing Director, Lifelong Learning, JFFLabs

Eugene So_headshot.jpeg

Eugene So is managing director of Lifelong Learning at JFFLabs. Previously, he was a member of the Postsecondary Market Solutions team in Labs, where he helped drive the growth and innovation of JFF’s market-focused strategy to redesign the connection between education and workforce systems to better serve the needs of workers and learners.

Eugene has spent 15 years working in the global education field. He has been a teacher and a career advisor, and most recently he led strategic partnership and product development initiatives for two major education companies.

Before joining JFF, he served as the director of academic programs and pathways at InStride, where he led a team tasked with creating diverse workforce education solutions in collaboration with corporations, higher education institutions, and postsecondary education providers.

Earlier in his career, Eugene served as the associate vice president for global solutions at Shorelight Education. In that role, he helped drive portfolio and program development and created innovative business and delivery models that empowered universities to scale content and curriculum to reach a broad global learner base.

His skills and areas of expertise include:

  • Postsecondary partnership development
  • Skills-based learning model development
  • Workforce development initiatives
  • Comparative education system analysis

Eugene has a bachelor’s degree in history, with a minor in education, from the University of California, Irvine, and a master’s degree in international and comparative education from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Eugene was born and raised in Southern California, where he currently lives with his wife, Terry, and their two dogs, Otis and Koko. He’s an avid golfer and snowboarder, and an amateur (very amateur) ceramicist. A lover of movies and music, he started a punk/hip-hop record label for local artists when he was in his early twenties.