Laura Roberts is a senior director in the Employer Mobilization practice at JFF. She leads the design and implementation of JFF’s work with Fortune 1000 corporate leaders.

Laura focuses on building effective ways to bring JFF’s expertise in work and learning to companies, helping them change business practices at scale in ways that benefit workers, communities, and the bottom line. Previously, she served as senior director of Corporate Leadership at JFF.

Before joining JFF, Laura served as the head of workforce programs at FSG, where she drove the consulting firm’s strategy for engaging with the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors to advance the adoption of more inclusive employment practices in the United States.

She also worked as a program officer at the Rockefeller Foundation, where she played a key role in the organization’s inclusive economies and U.S. jobs and economic opportunity teams, managing a portfolio of investments dedicated to expanding economic opportunity.

Explaining the factors that drew her to JFF, Laura says, “Because of its four-decade history working at the center of the U.S. education and workforce systems, JFF has the unique power to transform the way we equip and advance workers in today’s rapidly changing economy. In my role, I have the privilege of helping to define how the private sector could contribute to that transformation in a way that benefits workers and business.”

Laura is a certified yoga instructor and a longtime marathoner. She can often be found in the beautiful Pacific Northwest mountains, which, she says, “I am lucky enough to call my home.”