Lucretia Murphy

Vice President, Center for Justice & Economic Advancement


Lucretia Murphy is a vice president, leading the Center for Justice & Economic Advancement. Her work focuses on people and places—developing integrated strategies that increase economic opportunity for individuals and economic prosperity for communities—with a focus on economic advancement for individuals who have been involved with the criminal justice system.

This work emphasizes racial equity, with approaches that confront structural racism and other forms of bias in institutional and systemic policies, practices, and processes.

Previously, Lucretia was executive director of the See Forever Foundation, which operates the Maya Angelou Public Charter Schools in Washington, DC. She oversaw the operations of four schools that put young people on trajectories for achievement—an alternative middle school, a high school, a school for young adults ages 16-24, and a school in a juvenile facility. Lucretia also served on committees with district and community leaders to develop policies to support the success of young people. Before joining the foundation, Lucretia worked at JFF once before, advancing community efforts to improve outcomes for opportunity youth.

Lucretia is a member of the boards of Child Trends and Break Free Education. She is a passionate speaker on many topics, including the economic advancement of young people, adult learners seeking their first credentials, and individuals who have been or currently are incarcerated. She also speaks on the importance of confronting race in society, systems, institutions, and artificial intelligence technologies so all people can fully realize prosperity and equal opportunity.

Lucretia says she was drawn to JFF by the chance to shape opportunity structures so that people can transform their lives. Lucretia is the mother of two boys and enjoys chasing her sons, traveling, and reading (or keeping lists of books to read).