Marty Alvarado

Vice President, Postsecondary Education and Training


Marty Alvarado is vice president of postsecondary education and training at Jobs for the Future, playing a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s strategic direction and spearheading initiatives that create meaningful impact in the education and workforce landscape. With a deep commitment to equity and social justice, Marty focuses on developing inclusive strategies that address systemic barriers and empower individuals from a diverse array of backgrounds to thrive.

A highly accomplished and visionary professional, Marty has a proven track record of driving innovation and leading transformative initiatives, and extensive expertise in education, workforce development, and systems change. With a keen understanding of the complex challenges facing education and workforce systems, Marty leverages her expertise to design and implement innovative solutions. Her leadership is characterized by a collaborative and cross-sector approach, engaging stakeholders from academia, industry, government, and community organizations to drive sustainable change. By fostering partnerships and cultivating relationships with key stakeholders, Marty ensures that JFF’s initiatives align with the demands of the labor market, while promoting equitable access to quality education and training.

Throughout her career, Marty has championed the importance of lifelong learning and skill development. She has been instrumental in promoting innovative education and workforce training models, advocating for policies that support career pathways and stackable credentials. Marty’s thought leadership and expertise have made her a sought-after speaker and advisor on education, workforce development, and economic opportunity. Her previous roles include executive vice chancellor for the California Community Colleges and director of workforce development at Long Beach City College.