Stacey Clawson

Stacey Clawson is an associate vice president in the Learning Unit at JFF, where she is committed to improving learning systems, experiences, and outcomes for young people and adults.

Stacey focuses on redesigning how people learn in both traditional education settings and other work and learning environments to increase opportunities for low income people and people of color. She works across the education and employment ecosystem to foster partnerships among postsecondary institutions, employers, workforce agencies, and experts to test and scale learning models and technologies.

Stacey leads JFF’s learning strategy, which includes both traditional education and innovative learning models, and she oversees JFF’s postsecondary network of traditional state education systems, policymakers, and institutions, as well as the Student Success Center Network, the largest community college network in the nation.

Stacey has 25 years of experience leading higher education reform efforts on both the national and local levels. She has served as a faculty member and administrator at nonprofit and for-profit two- and four-year colleges and has worked in nonprofit leadership and philanthropy.

Before joining JFF, Stacey served as senior program officer with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Earlier in her career, she worked at Capella University, the University of Minnesota, and Arizona State University.

“Working at JFF gives me the opportunity to help transform societal structures and mindsets so all people have the choices and supports they need to reach their personal and professional goals,” Stacey says. “JFF’s balance of national perspective and deep community partnerships positions us to accelerate learning and scale change.”

Stacey is happiest in the mountains and on the shores of the Pacific Northwest, and she is also an accomplished professional athlete in football and rugby. She is committed to causes and organizations supporting gender equity and the empowerment of women and girls.