Stacy Holliday

Stacy Holliday is an Associate Director at JFF who leads digital transformation initiatives for partner institutions and organizations, ensuring new technologies are implemented effectively and sustainably, aligned with JFF’s social impact goals toward the equitable success of learners and workers at scale. She has always been a strong advocate for under-represented populations, embraces diversity and cross-cultural competency, and initiates dialogue that examines equity in system structure and processes. Her recent projects focus on implementation of innovative technology including immersive learning solutions at educational sites and small businesses, and institutional transformation through guided pathways as a strategic advisor for the national Student Success Center network. Her portfolio at JFF and in prior roles has included holistic proactive advising redesign; career advising; student success software implementation and management; wrap-around holistic student support strategy; transparent academic pathway development; co-requisite and stackable credential curriculum design; institutional effectiveness and creating a culture of inquiry; faculty professional development in high impact instructional practices such as student engagement and cultural responsiveness; and international education. Previously, she served in the Southern Association of Colleges and Cengage Learning as a QEP Lead Evaluator and Faculty Development Consultant, respectively. Throughout her career, Stacy Holliday has gained over 14 years of experience in the education sector where she led several institutions towards student success, institutional effectiveness, and transformative change.