October 16–17
SSCN Guided Pathways Coaching Training Capstone

At a Glance

Capstone event celebrating the conclusion of the SSCN Guided Pathways Coaching Training program

October 16–17, 2019

Chicago, IL

This event will bring together Student Success Center (SSC) coaches for the conclusion of the SSC Network Guided Pathways Coaching Training program. The two-day capstone, while marking the end of the year-long program, will provide coaches space to strategize and learn with each other as well as opportunities to dig into tools and resources, so that they are prepared for their future coaching activities.

JFF has partnered with Achieving the Dream to deliver this year-long SSC Network Guided Pathways Coaching Training program. The SSC Network Coaching Training program is designed to provide a breadth of coaching strategies and practices within a guided pathways context, as well as the foundation necessary for coaches deployed by Centers to colleges to support guided pathways implementation efforts. The Coaching Training was designed to meet the following needs: increase the supply of highly effective coaches, develop in-state coaches and capitalize on their expertise about local contexts, and reinforce peer learning and talent development across the field.

To learn more about the SSC Network and JFF’s support of the Centers, check out our Impact Story. Contact Jenn Giffels with any questions about this event or the SSC Network.