May 10
Student Financial Stability Summit

At a Glance

One of a series of peer-learning convenings for JFF’s Student Success Center Network

May 10, 2018

New York, NY

JFF is pleased to announce the Student Financial Stability Summit, one in a series of peer-learning convenings for the Student Success Center Network. The Summit will draw on the implementation experiences of colleges in Achieving the Dream's Working Student Success Network (WSSN) deploying a range of nonacademic supports to alleviate financial hurdles to college completion. We will investigate successes and challenges of colleges in integrating and scaling interventions into institution-wide reforms, such as guided pathways and advising and student support redesign.

The Summit will provide Center teams with practical and actionable tools and resources to share with colleges. In addition, it will provide opportunities for Center teams to (1) share needs and priorities for helping colleges strengthen student financial stability and (2) offer input on how the Student Success Center Network can help address these needs. We will continue to build on these key learnings, tools, and strategies at the JFF Summer Meetings, July 17–19, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Contact Julita Bailey-Vasco at jbaileyvasco@jff.org with any questions about this event.