February 24–28
For Teachers: Retail Career Series Industry Chats | February 24-28

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Nepris, JFFLabs Impact Acceleration Partner & ETF@JFFLabs portfolio company, hosts live retail industry chats for middle and high school classrooms.

February 24–28, 2020

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Today, the retail sector provides ever-expanding opportunities for workers. Frontline roles are only a fraction of the exciting careers retail can offer. Beyond the frontline roles, the retail sector offers advancement opportunities in data science, modular and space planning, corporate sales and buying, monetary support for postsecondary achievement and more.

To feature these opportunities and engage students across the country, JFFLabs has partnered with Nepris, the go-to cloud-based platform for connecting industry with K-16 classrooms online, to host a week-long series with retail industry professionals. During the week of February 24, Nepris, will host a series of online Retail Industry Chats for live classrooms to highlight how the retail sector is developing opportunities for talent to be developed and cultivated.

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Throughout the Retail Series, working professionals from Walmart, CVSHealth, Verizon, Best Buy, and AT&T will host video-based conversations with the goal of exposing live classrooms of students everywhere to the opportunities available, skills required, and steps to beginning a career.

Live Industry Chats


How CVS is Reinventing the Pharmacy Retail Experience

Jamie Lavoie, Hiring Support Center Manager, CVS Health Audience:Middle School, High School

Students will learn about the various roles and responsibilities of CVS Health’s retail employees, some of the most common career paths we see our employees following today, and how to explore job opportunities within CVS Health!

Date and Time: 2/24, 11:30am ET


Your Career in Retail Can Grow

Viviana Villegas, community engagement lead, AT&T Audience: Middle & High Schools

Discuss the journey and steps that brought Viviana from retail sales to the corporate environment at AT&T.

Date and Time: 2/25, 1:45pm ET


My Retail Path to Leadership at Verizon

Jessica Somers Smith, director of retail sales, Verizon Wireless Audience: Middle School, High School

Tips and tricks on network and taking risks while in the retail space to learn about career opportunities for job advancement within and outside of retail. Students will also learn about tuition reimbursement and certifications to help advance careers.

Date and Time: 2/25 at 3:00pm ET


My Retail Success Story

Fernando Rivera, retail director, Verizon Wireless Audience: Middle School, High School

Learn from a Retail District Manager at Verizon about how and why he chose to pursue a career in retail and how he advanced his leadership abilities. Students will also learn about tuition reimbursement and certifications to help advance careers.

Date and Time: 2/26, 12:30pm ET


How to Have a Successful Career in Retail

Patrick Adolphson, modular and space manager, Walmart Audience: Middle & High Schools

Explore what a career in retail can look like and the benefits that Walmart offers to continue grow both personally and professionally.

Date and Time: 2/27 at 2:00 pm ET


Best Buy Retail, In-Home Service, and Beyond

Brandi Jorgenen, social impact specialist, Best Buy Audience: High School

A conversation with Brandi who’s been at Best Buy for 20 years with positions ranging from seasonal cashier to community programs.

Date and Time: 2/28, 12:00pm ET

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About Nepris

Nepris, a JFFLabs Impact Acceleration partner, is the go-to solution for connecting industry with classrooms. The cloud-based platform matches working professionals with K-16 classrooms through fully interactive and virtual conversations called Industry Chats, bringing real-world relevance and career exposure directly to classrooms.

Why Retail and Career Exploration?

Opportunities are changing in part due to market forces that are both transforming the industry, while growing available career options. To help prepare students prepare for what’s possible, teachers need easier access to tools that can provide effective career awareness exposure and insights on the skills required to be successful in this changing sector.