O4O Analytics
This Is a Pilot Site
This is an advanced prototype of data products combined
with data from public sources. Stories may not be fully
contextualized and the data fully validated.

Analytics offers examples of the ways in which the O4O initiative uses data analysis technologies to generate compelling visualizations of data that workforce boards, training providers, and their community partners use to explore a broad range of topics. As new and more diverse data sets become available, our analytics tools will help you answer increasingly complex questions. Use the links and filters provided to mine O4O data for specific populations, time frames, programs, or outcomes—and check back frequently to discover new data capabilities.

Analytics: Summary

Explore a wealth of information about WIOA program participants below. You will find visualizations of data on demographic characteristics, training and certificate types, wage outcomes, and training costs. Please note that our O4O visualizations and filter options may change as new data sets become available. Follow the navigation to explore more specific data about advancement, job attainment, and training costs.

Explore more workforce data Advancement Job Attainment Training Costs

Explore more workforce data Advancement Job Attainment Training Costs

For information about data sources, refer to Data Resources. Visit Terminology for descriptions of some industry and common terms.

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