5 Ways to Save Time and Stay Informed with the New JFF.org

Published feb. 28, 2014

In this information age, teachers, administrators, policymakers, and education advocates alike struggle to stay on top of the latest happenings and key issues in education reform and workforce development. Staying in front of the research and finding cutting-edge programs or emerging innovative work can be invaluable, but finding the time to learn from others can be difficult.  Here at Jobs for the Future, we’re putting this information at your fingertips, literally, on JFF.org.

JFF.org has a new look but more importantly it now gives you the easiest access to Jobs for the Future’s experiences and expertise across the pipeline from high school through postsecondary into careers.  Just as our work touches every part of the education-to-workforce pipeline, information on our website spans from engaging high school students in work that leads them to critical postsecondary education, to getting unemployed and underemployed adults of all ages back into a career that will support their family.

Follow these 5 tips to use our site to stay on top of the latest information in education reform and workforce development:

  1. If you’ve got only 3 minutes, you can find all the biggest news and most recent blogs right on the homepage. No need to look any further for the White House update on education. We’ve gathered the hottest information together in one place for you. Just click and read.
  2. When you need more in-depth information on STEM or dual enrollment, for example, almost all of our publications are downloadable from the website. Making it a quicker, publications and blogs can be filtered by topic area to help you find just the right article you need, with one click. 
  3. You may find data hard to digest quickly, so scan over the infographics shown on pages about our initiatives and services, to help you figure out where to dig in a little deeper. 
  4. If you’re interest has been sparked by a publication or initiative, the bottom of the page will guide you to related items of interest. It’s a good way to find new information and begin to connect the dots on topics that are interrelated.  
  5. Connecting with a JFF expert is easy. As you read a blog, click the author's name to find out more about him or her. Our experts are available to the media, to discuss partnership opportunities, to explain our services, and as guest speakers and bloggers. Each expert is tagged with their specialty, so our entire of list experts can even be filtered by key topics that match your needs. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out JFF.org, and we hope you find out something new of interest to your and your work. Please feel free to get in touch with questions or feedback at info@jff.org.