After Minneapolis Guilty Verdicts, JFF Affirms Black Lives Matter

Published apr. 20, 2021

The events of the past year have shown us all that we do not live in a just, equitable country. While at JFF, our mission is to ensure access to economic advancement for all, we know well that equitable access to opportunity is out of reach for the many Americans suffering the effects of two major crises: the global pandemic and systemic racism.

Today’s guilty verdicts in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin are one step in a long road toward racial justice and equal protection under the law. They are also a stark reminder of the injustice that many endure at the hands of police. The convictions will not bring back George Floyd, or any of the unarmed Black Americans murdered in police custody. They will not undo the racism embedded in our education, workforce, and other systems. However, they are a step toward affirming that Black Lives Matter. George Floyd’s life mattered.

We believe that Black Lives Matter.

JFF strives to live this value, using our privilege and power to speak out against racism and help advance Black learners and workers on the path to economic advancement. We, along with our partners, have a responsibility to continually acknowledge that the fight against systemic racism and bias must be intentional and ongoing.

We hope you will join us on this path.