A Blueprint for Transforming Career and Technical Education

Published apr. 19, 2012

Jobs for the Future commends the goals set forth in the Administration’s Blueprint for a reauthorized Perkins Career and Technical Education Act in order to strengthen our nation’s global position in workforce and economic development.

The four principles outlined in the blueprint—alignment, collaboration, accountability, and innovation—are important to education reform efforts, particularly to a system that prepares students for credentials and, ultimately, for career success.

Strong career and technical education systems enable students, including those who are low income and underrepresented, to succeed by:

  • Closing skills gaps;
  • Aligning secondary and postsecondary education and training with current and emerging labor market needs;
  • Encouraging innovative state and local reforms and supportive policies; and
  • Engaging all relevant partners in the design of transparent, aligned pathways to postsecondary credentials and careers. 

The Administration’s blueprint reflects an important commitment to increasing the number of students with credentials in growing and thriving industries and sectors by facilitating these important activities and holding career and technical education to a high standard.

JFF looks forward to continuing to work with the Administration and with Congress throughout the reauthorization of this important legislation.

Download the Administration's full Blueprint HERE.
Download the two-page summary HERE.