Cast Your Vote Today: Leaders of the Student-Centered Learning Movement Compete for Lawrence W. O'Toole Award

Published sep. 09, 2015

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation is pleased to announce the nominees for the foundation’s 2015 Lawrence W. O’Toole Leadership Award. Named in honor of Nellie Mae’s founding president and CEO, the annual award grants $100,000 to a school, community organization, or district to continue the advancement of student-centered learning approaches for all students.

“This year’s O’Toole award nominees exemplify what it means to put students at the center of their education,” said Nick Donohue, President and CEO of the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. “Our nominees represent an incredible array of creative and innovative approaches to learning that serve to engage and empower students for success. I am delighted to extend my utmost congratulations, and I look forward to seeing who among our deserving nominees wins this grant for the students they tirelessly serve.”  

The O’Toole award was established in 2011 to honor O’Toole and his success in laying the groundwork for and establishing the foundation in 1998. In 1999, an acquisition by Sallie Mae enabled the creation of what is now the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. To date, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation has awarded $300,000 in O’Toole grants.

Each state in New England is represented by one nominee. You can learn more about each candidate by visiting the voting platform, hosted on the Students at the Center Hub. The Hub is a resource for educators, families, students and communities interested in learning more about student-centered approaches to learning. Explore the research behind it; the practices that nurture it; policies that support it; and how to communicate about it.

You have the chance to vote for nominees online beginning September 8, 2015 through noon on September 30, 2015.

Cast your vote today!