To reinvigorate the promise of the American Dream for workers across the country, we need real action from America’s corporate leaders.

Cat Ward: Companies Must Rewrite the Employer-Employee Compact

Published jul. 26, 2019

Although business is booming and demand for skilled talent is strong, many average Americans are struggling to find meaningful, well-paying jobs. At the same time, corporate leaders are grappling with new challenges of their own. In the background, technology continues to drive business forward. This time of change presents corporate leaders with opportunities to build new solutions—solutions that benefit workers and businesses alike.

To kick-start that process, we hosted conversations with more than 40 corporate leaders representing Fortune 500 companies to understand how they’re dealing with this new world of work and competition—and how they’re investing in the well-being of their talent along the way. One important lesson we learned is that we’ve got some real work to do. Read Saving the American Dream: Companies Must Rewrite the Employer-Employee Compact on Medium to learn more.

We can inspire a new shared value: doing well by workers is not just good for the bottom line—it’s also the way we should work, the way we must work, and the way we will work.

Cat Ward, managing director at JFF