Americans want skilled trades education, but far too often students don’t have access to skilled trades classes in their high schools.

Eric Smidt, founder of Harbor Freight Tools, in “Early Skilled Trades Training Prepares Students for Essential Jobs”

Published may. 13, 2020

JFF’s recent report Breaking Ground: A First Look at American High School Skilled Trades Education, which was based on JFF research commissioned by Harbor Freight Tools for Schools, was highlighted in the May 13 T&D World article “Early Skilled Trades Training Prepares Students for Essential Jobs.”

The article noted that Americans across the political spectrum overwhelmingly support skilled trades education in high school, but school systems face major barriers when it comes to offering such courses. For example, in interviews with JFF, state career and technical education leaders in all 50 states and the District of Columbia said they feel there is a lingering stigma against the trades that discourages student participation in trades-oriented classes in high school.