Let’s think together about . . . how will we make tomorrow better than yesterday.

JFF CEO Maria Flynn in “JFF Horizons: The Time for Change Is Now”

Published jun. 15, 2020

On June 15, Working Nation’s “Future of Work” blog took a look back at JFF’s Horizons virtual experience.

Horizons took place against a backdrop of crisis fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, severe recession, and calls for racial justice, and Working Nation noted that JFF President and CEO Maria Flynn opened the proceedings with this challenge to attendees: “Acknowledging the terrible racism and oppression in our country and making a statement against it is just the first step. Let’s think together about what actions we’re going to take as individuals, as organizations—collectively across this group—and how will we make tomorrow better than yesterday.”

The post, titled “JFF Horizons: The Time for Change Is Now,” reported that the four days of robust conversation that followed focused on expanding opportunities for all, with insights and ideas filtered through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and that Flynn concluded the June 8-11 experience on an optimistic note, saying, “We are so hopeful that you will leave Horizons with some renewed energy and urgency, and some great ideas of how to move your work forward and collaborate in new ways.”

As part of its Horizons coverage, Working Nation spoke to a number of presenters and attendees and recorded videos of the conversations for its WorkingNation Overheard series. You can find the videos at the #JFFHorizons playlist on Working Nation’s YouTube channel.