We need apprenticeships now more than ever.

JFF’s Andrea Messing-Mathie and Ali Walz in “A Tool to Help Your Youth Apprenticeship Succeed”

Published jun. 26, 2020

JFF Director Andrea Messing-Mathie and Communications and Marketing Coordinator Ali Walz have written a blog post about the importance of youth apprenticeships at this time of economic upheaval.

In the blog, published on the New America website June 26, they note that students whose schools pulled the plug on in-person education because of COVID-19 are concerned that they will return to class in the fall to find that apprenticeship opportunities have been eliminated. But that would be unfortunate, they argue, saying we need apprenticeships now more than ever because they provide young people with opportunities to build in-demand skills they will need to enter and succeed in the workforce.

To encourage community-based organizations and other intermediaries that might be on the fence about launching youth apprenticeships, Messing-Mathie and Walz point out that JFF offers a resource called the Self-Assessment and Planning Tool that would-be apprenticeship providers can use as a guide to developing high-quality, sustainable, and equitable work-based learning programs for young people.