JFF’s Leadership in Expanding Apprenticeship Increases with New USDOL Awards

Published oct. 18, 2016

We are delighted to share exciting news about Jobs for the Future’s (JFF) major role in national efforts to significantly expand Registered Apprenticeship in the United States. JFF is a key participant in three separate U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) multimillion dollar contracts devoted to increasing the number of workers and employers adopting this effective training and career advancement model, as well as provide access and jobs for a more diverse group of workers in various industry sectors.

JFF has always been a strong advocate for work-based learning and “earn and learn” models, and these approaches are at the heart of many of our high school, postsecondary and career advancement initiatives. This core focus, combined with our experience in creating career pathways for young people and adults, positions us to partner with national organizations, companies, and industry associations to ensure and leverage the success of the following newly awarded USDOL contracts:

National Apprenticeship Intermediary in Advanced Manufacturing

JFF has been selected by USDOL as a national industry intermediary to drive the expansion of Registered Apprenticeship in the growing advanced manufacturing sector. Under the contract, JFF is partnering with manufacturing associations and leading innovators in apprenticeship to dramatically increase the number of manufacturing firms that are utilizing Registered Apprenticeship and to train more than 2,200 apprentices over the next five years.

National Apprenticeship Intermediary in the Hospitality Sector

JFF is a key partner in the team selected by USDOL to serve as a national apprenticeship intermediary in the Hospitality sector.* The team—led by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and the American Hotel and Lodging Association, and including Hilton Worldwide and other major employers—will establish Registered Apprenticeship opportunities that improve productivity and lead to high-wage careers in the restaurant and hotel industries. Under a five-year contract, the team will expand programs in Hospitality to train over 2,200 apprentices.

Diversity and Inclusion in Apprenticeship

JFF has been selected by the USDOL to lead an effort designed to support increased demographic diversity and inclusion in apprenticeship. Under a five-year contract, JFF is partnering with a consortium of community colleges, organizations, employers (Hilton Worldwide, CVS Health, and The Hartford), and local partners in four cities to increase the participation of women, people of color, and disconnected youth who enter and complete Registered Apprenticeship programs through implementation and scaling of diversity and inclusion plans and practices.

“We look forward to working with our partners on these important apprenticeship initiatives,” said Maria Flynn, Senior Vice President at JFF. “By leveraging our long-standing partnerships with employers, educators and community organizations, these efforts will serve a catalyst for greater equity and economic mobility nationwide. We are eager to help lead the way and work together to grow apprenticeships that will provide thousands of workers with career advancement opportunities and employers with the skilled labor force that they need to compete in today’s global economy.”

JFF’s work under these three new contracts is in addition to JFF’s leadership of the five-year grant awarded under USDOL’s American Apprenticeship Initiative, to expand a new, hybrid apprenticeship model in manufacturing. One year into this program, JFF has conducted educational outreach to more than 100 new employers and has trained workforce boards, community colleges and industry associations on the value of apprenticeships. And, with our partners, we are dramatically expanding the industrial manufacturing technician (IMT) Registered Apprenticeship program across eight states to register 1,450 apprentices and serve 150 employers. Of the new apprentices enrolled in manufacturing under this grant to date, 40% are from underrepresented populations including people of color, women and older workers.

Read more about apprenticeship work at JFF or for more information, contact info@jff.org. Follow us on Twitter (@jfftweets) during Apprenticeship Week (November 14-20) for more highlights from our apprenticeship efforts.