Everybody is still trying to put out fires.

JFF’s Nyema Mitchell in “Amid COVID-19 Higher Education Experts Call on Institutional Leaders and Policymakers to Support Transfer Students”

Published nov. 03, 2020

JFF Associate Director Nyema Mitchell was quoted in a recent article in Diverse: Issues In Higher Education about a call for improved transfer policies and procedures in higher education.

The article reported that JFF and 24 other higher education reform and research organizations that are members Scaling Partners Network recently signed a call to action asking policymakers and higher education leaders to update transfer policies because the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic downturn are likely to give rise to a wave of students transferring across institutions of higher education.

“On the institutions or systems side of it, everybody is still trying to put out fires” as they deal with challenges posed by the twin health care and economic crises, Mitchell told Diverse: Issues In Higher Education. “I don’t know that transfer is a priority.”