Jobs for the Future Named a Partner in $9.2 Million First in the World Grant Awarded to Central Carolina Community College

Published sep. 23, 2015

Jobs for the Future has been named a strategic partner in a $9.2 million First in the World grant awarded to Central Carolina Community College by the U.S. Department of Education. The award is 1 of only 2 validation grants awarded to test innovative interventions to improve student outcomes at scale, and is part of a $60 million White House investment made to 17 colleges, universities, and educational organizations.

The grant will support a consortium of North Carolina community colleges, called “Carolina Works” and is led by Central Carolina Community College, in designing and implementing innovative approaches to student success coaching, educational planning, predictive analytics, and early alert systems. The award provides an exciting opportunity to scale the good work of Central Carolina Community College to nine peer colleges, and test interventions that hold great interest both within the state and nationally.

Drawing on its deep experience helping states and institutions across the country design and implement community college reform efforts, Jobs for the Future will support the consortium’s implementation efforts by providing expert coaching and technical assistance to the participating institutions. JFF will develop a work plan with each college, convene peer-learning and policy meetings, and share tools, research, and resources, among other services.  

Central Carolina Community College and its partner colleges in Carolina Works have designed a multi-pronged strategy that is both innovative and evidence-based. They will pave the way for better student outcomes at their campuses, and demonstrate a model for other colleges across the country. JFF has partnered with North Carolina community colleges on student success efforts for more than a decade and is honored to continue working as a strategic partner and advisor with colleges that are so dedicated to their students’ futures.