Join JFF at the Alternative Accountability Policy Forum

Published aug. 25, 2015

What do Jobs for the Future, Education Northwest, Portland Public Schools, America’s Promise Alliance, Rutgers University, the California Legislative Analyst’s Office, the UC Santa Barbara Dropout Research Project, and many more researchers have in common?

They will all be at the 2015 Alternative Accountability Policy Forum. The fourth annual Alternative Accountability Policy Forum promises to build on a deep foundation of policies and practices to make sure that students and schools are provided relevant measures of success. Our colleagues from across the country will be sharing cutting-edge practices on preventing at-risk youth from dropping out of high school. 

Career Pathway Design and Development: What Matters when Measuring Success?

November 15th-17th

Presenters: Terry Grobe, Director, and Hannah Smith, Program Manager, Jobs for the Future

This session will provide an overview of youth-focused career pathway programming in California and across the country, exploring innovative trends and models for measuring success. The presenters will offer foundational definitions to guide the conversation and present visuals of strong pathway approaches that are being designed for off-track, older, and formerly disconnected youth. The bulk of the session will be devoted to a discussion of the metrics that are most powerful in measuring impact and how we might look beyond youth-focused outcomes to consider the system metrics that will likely drive the scale and sustainability of this work.