Amazon moves deeper into offering postsecondary credentials, following Google and other big employers, but largely bypasses traditional colleges with the expanded training options.

Kathy Mannes, David Soo, and Cat Ward: "Employers as Educators"

Published jul. 17, 2019

Amazon’s decision to expand its own postsecondary training and credential programs, largely outside traditional higher education, is a shot across the bow for colleges and universities. 

Companies like Amazon know that their talent needs are not being met and while they have the resources to take steps they believe will address those needs, they don’t necessarily know what they don’t know. JFF helps bring the value and experience that comes out of what education does well and aligns them with the needs and demands required for the future of work. 

The future of work is affecting basically every industry. This has become a CEO-level conversation—they are taking action themselves because they are feeling an acute need that, frankly, they feel is not being met by the existing education system.

Cat Ward, Managing Director, Private Sector Strategies, JFFLabs