Of those who would pursue additional training if they suffered a job loss, 64% said they would be looking to change career fields rather than to get a job in their existing field.

Maria Flynn in "Do Laid-Off Workers Want To Reskill? The Answer Is Yes."

Published apr. 16, 2020

Another five million Americans filed for unemployment last week—bringing the newly jobless over the past four weeks to a staggering 22 million. And the real number is likely higher, as state benefits systems are overwhelmed and struggling to process claims. Add in workers who’ve had their hours reduced or otherwise lost wages, and 55% of Americans say they have lost income because of the COVID-19 crisis.

As we work to help people retool and rebuild their lives after COVID-19, it’s critical that we listen to what they say they need and want—and design outreach, financial support, and education and training programs accordingly.