Youth apprenticeship has captured the imagination of many people when they have gone to Germany or gone to Switzerland and seen what happens in other's captured the imagination of a lot of states and a lot of people in this country.

Podcast | Youth Apprenticeships: Challenges and Opportunities

Published jan. 22, 2019

The average age of an apprentice in the United States is 29. How can we build the systems necessary to establish and promote youth apprenticeship in America, lowering the overall average age and providing opportunity for youth and young adults across the country?

In this podcast from CWA Today, host Bob Lanter (executive director, California Workforce Association) interviews Eric Seleznow (senior advisor, JFF's Center for Apprenticeship & Work-Based Learning) and Vinz Koller (senior strategist of capacity building, Social Policy Research Associates) on the recent paper, Closing the Gap: The Future of Apprenticeship in California. They explore the topic of youth apprenticeship, and the challenges and opportunities that are present in continuing to expand this workforce development system to America's youth.