Press Release: Jobs for the Future Applauds Governor Cuomo's "Next Generation Job Linkage" Program

Published jan. 10, 2013

BOSTON, MA (January 10, 2013) — Richard Kazis, Senior Vice President of Jobs for the Future (JFF), congratulated Governor Andrew Cuomo for announcing the new Next Generation Job Linkage program in his 2013 State of the State address yesterday. The program strengthens the state’s community colleges and their role in helping address regional skill needs. JFF, a leading national organization in education and workforce development, works with community college systems around the country on strategies to dramatically increase both student success and align postsecondary credential programs with the needs of local and state economies.

“Governor Cuomo's Next Generation Job Linkage program recognizes the critical role New York State's community colleges play in their regional economies and in the success of New York residents and businesses in the 21st century,” Kazis said. “Community colleges are increasingly important for preparing young people to enter the workforce and training adults for new jobs—and the Governor is taking steps to help these institutions be more successful in meeting their jobs and workforce mission.”

“The Governor's emphasis on responding efficiently and effectively to the needs of employers and shifting funding for community colleges towards rewarding performance will give a boost to students while building New York's economy. We commend Governor Cuomo for his commitment to creative and responsible investment in community colleges that will strengthen the state's workforce and economy for the future.”

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