We’re helping workers across [Florida] recover stronger.

SkillUp’s Steve Lee in “Florida Colleges Team Up With National Nonprofit to Help Displaced Frontline Workforce Get Back to Work”

Published may. 05, 2021

The SkillUp Initiative recently issued a press release announcing that it has partnered with four Florida state colleges and the state’s department of education to offer Florida workers displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic free access to training programs, career navigation tools, and other resources.

A national nonprofit organization founded by JFF and a group of partners that includes training and education providers, employers, and philanthropies, SkillUp will use sophisticated labor market data, tech-enabled tools, personalized coaching services, and more to help workers select and prepare for career paths that align with the economy of the future.

“While the country’s continued uptick in vaccinations is promising, we still have a long road ahead in our efforts to ensure an equitable recovery,” SkillUp Executive Director Steve Lee said in the press release. “By teaming up with the colleges and policymakers who have been at the forefront of Florida’s response to the pandemic, we’re helping workers across the state recover stronger.”