TAACCCT Is Getting Out There

Published jul. 27, 2016

Originally posted in WorkforceGPS on July 19, 2016.

When you’re focused on the day-to-day of grant implementation it can be difficult to hear what the buzz on the street is about TAACCCT.

So hear this!

The field is talking, your work is being recognized, and TAACCCT is out there at non-TAACCCT events. As an example, at Jobs for the Future’s (JFF) recent Voices for Opportunity and Economic Mobility Summit, TAACCCT had a strong presence throughout various plenaries and breakout session.

The summit brought together close to 650 participants that included state and federal policymakers, educators (including numerous TAACCCT grantees), employers, funders, workforce practitioners, research and advocacy representatives, and student speakers. They all came together around a shared goal to increase economic mobility for those left behind in the emerging economy. Not surprisingly, TAACCCT was noted as the catalyst for many successful partnerships and innovations. Johanna Duncan-Poitier, Senior Vice Chancellor of the State University of New York stated during a session on employer engagement, “The story is not just about the TAACCCT grant, but what the TAACCCT grant can give birth to. This seed money pulled the whole system together, and all 30 colleges working together has become a way of life.”

Other, non-TAACCCT presenters also referenced TAACCCT. Diane Bosak, Vice President of Workforce Strategies and Policy at Achieving the Dream, Inc. noted that, “Adults are now coming to colleges for a wide variety of reasons and the field is learning about effective strategies to support adults through the TAACCCT grant program. They are the key to the economy and community colleges are on the front line in serving these individuals.”

It is clear that the broader community college and workforce development fields wants to know more about TAACCCT. We encourage you to get your voice out there to share your successes and the strategies you found to break through challenges.

There is so much to learn from a grant program with the significant investment and reach of TAACCCT. Consider joining the IMPACTcommunity that uses storytelling to share solutions for challenges. Other events at your college, in your state, and beyond, can be avenues to share your lessons learned while gaining valuable information that relates to your grant The TAACCCT Learning Network team will be connecting with grantees at the upcoming HI-TEC conference and TAACCCT post-conference in Pittsburgh July 27 - 29, so it’s not too late to register and join us!