TD: Meet the 2018 TD Ready Challenge grant recipients

Published oct. 24, 2018

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate, leaving many uncertain about their readiness for the future of work.

We know that careers today are going to be different from those in the future and want to help people prepare and build the skills they need to participate in meaningful work.

At JFF, we focus on transformation in the American workforce and education systems.

One way we’re supporting this mission is by partnering with Canadian startup Audacious Futures to scale FutureFit AI, an upskilling and reskilling solution powered by artificial intelligence. The partnership was selected as a finalist for the TD Ready Challenge, an effort to identify and scale solutions to increase income stability and support nonprofit organizations across North America.

This featured news story on includes details about TD Ready Challenge grants and finalists.

Check Presentation with Bharat B. Masrani, President and CEO of TD Bank.