4 Strategies for Incorporating Equity and Diversity in Your Apprenticeship Program

At a Glance

This brief pulls up 4 approaches businesses are using to increase equity and diversity in their apprenticeship programs.

Strategies for Growing Equity & Diversity

Apprenticeship provides a way for companies to build the skilled, diverse workforces that are essential to success in today’s economy. Offering a combination of real-time, on-the-job training and academic classroom instruction, apprenticeship opens the doors to career opportunities for people from a variety of backgrounds who have a wide range of skills.

This brief provides apprenticeship program leaders with key tactics for increasing equity and diversity in their programs as highlighted by leading companies and industry associations.

“This is not charity. This is a bottom-line decision. We need to attract new candidates to our industry and break down barriers that keep underrepresented populations out. I predict that apprenticeship will become the primary talent path into companies.” — Ryan Carson, CEO and Founder, Treehouse

This work has been funded through the generous support of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

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For more detail on these top-level strategies, read the full-length report, Growing Equity and Diversity Through Apprenticeship: Business Perspectives.