Case Study/Profile

A Clearer Path to College and Career Success: The Great Lakes College and Career Pathways Partnership

At a Glance

This case study tells the story of four communities in the Great Lakes that are collaborating to create clearer pathways to college and career success for all young people.

Published jun. 24, 2019



Areas of Work
  • Ensuring Equity in Advancement
  • Preparing for the Future of Work

Across the country, there is consensus that we must better prepare all young people to succeed in today’s rapidly changing economy. But there is little consensus on how to do it. Launched in 2016 by the Joyce Foundation, the Great Lakes College and Career Pathways Partnership (GLCCPP) aims to meet this need through creating and expanding high-quality college and career pathways to advance equity and economic mobility for the next generation in the Great Lakes region.

GLCCPP supports four communities that each bring a unique approach to this work:

  • The Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois
  • Rockford, Illinois
  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Central Ohio

This case study details how the four communities of the Great Lakes College and Career Pathways Partnership are working to systematically move the needle to ensure that all young people are prepared to not only meet the current and emerging needs of the workplace, but to also find value and meaning in their working lives, and fully realize their best possible futures.