Intermediary Functions and Features in Pathways Systems

At a Glance

This resource clarifies the roles intermediaries play in college and career pathways systems. It can be useful for envisioning a brand-new organization or strengthening the intermediary functions of an existing organization. Your organization can use this guide during a strategic planning process or at any time to reflect on its practices, shift its focus, or reconnect to its mission.

Published nov. 12, 2020

Intermediary Features

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to designing an intermediary, because each one needs to be responsive to its community’s partners, strengths, needs, and vision. There are, however clear intermediary functions and features that must be considered in the design of a quality pathways system. This resource outlines those functions and features to help intermediaries develop clarity about their identities and roles in their ecosystems, which is critical for the success of all partners and in service of transformative outcomes for young people.