Planning Tool for Building Equitable Pathways

At a Glance

This planning tool will allow your organization to plan, partner, and do the work necessary to become a more effective intermediary in your unique context.

Published oct. 06, 2020
Area of Work
  • Ensuring Equity in Advancement

About this Tool

Intermediary organizations are critical to offering college and career pathways for young people and supporting economic development at scale.

With this tool, intermediaries can gauge their capacity and effectiveness in leading and supporting the creation, improvement, and sustainability of high-quality career pathways for Black and Latinx youth and young people who are experiencing poverty.

Building Equitable Pathways Hypotheses

This tool is based on a set of guiding hypotheses from the Building Equitable Pathways initiative that outline what makes an intermediary effective at facilitating equitable college and career pathways in its ecosystem.

The six guiding hypotheses are:

  • Strong partnership and alignment with local K-12 schools and districts
  • Strong partnership and alignment with local postsecondary institutions
  • Articulated paths aligned to local labor market demands
  • Strong partnership with the local employer community to advance opportunities for work-based learning
  • Sustainable business model
  • Policy agenda and supporting strategies