Recommended Technical and Essential Employability Competencies For College and Career Pathway Endorsements

At a Glance

Learn about the skills, knowledge, and experiences high school graduates in Illinois can use to show they are ready to enter a high-demand industry or pursue higher education.

Published apr. 19, 2019



Area of Work
  • Preparing for the Future of Work

This report outlines technical and professional competencies that students must show to prove they are ready to enter an industry or to pursue further education. Competency statements apply to current industry needs, contain both employability skills and technical skills, and leave opportunity for specialized training and career advancement. 

It includes competencies needed for overall employability and to enter the following industries: 

  • Manufacturing, engineering, and trades
  • Finance and business services
  • Health sciences
  • IT
  • Arts and communications
  • Human and public services

The competencies in this report were developed through an iterative process involving public-private, industry-based steering committees established to implement College and Career Pathway Endorsements through the Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (PWR) Act in Illinois.

This process was led by a partnership between Education Systems Center at NIU and JFF with generous support from JPMorgan Chase & Co.