At a Glance

Good data on student achievement is vital to making smart decisions around education reform. But collection is just the first step in making this data work; knowing how to interpret it is what matters most for moving forward.

National discussions about education reform are replete with calls for more transparency, stronger accountability, improved outcomes, and a more efficient use of public resources. All of these goals require good data about student achievement—data that are more detailed, more accurate, and more accessible than any state currently has.

But collecting data is only the first step. Central to increasing student success is a common approach to interpreting relevant data so that institutions and policymakers in each state can understand the extent of specific problems, see the impact of potential solutions, and decide where to act.

On the Road to Success presents the next step taken by the Cross-State Data Work Group: a comparative analysis of a comprehensive set of intermediate milestones and final measures of success that practitioners and policymakers can use to rethink and remake their approaches to increasing student achievement.