How Do I Leverage the SSC Network?

At a Glance

16 SSCs are part of the national SSC Network, which JFF manages. Explore resources and benefits you can take advantage of as a SSC here.

Published jan. 01, 2000

Network Management

As manager of the Network, JFF provides guidance to Center staff, facilitates cross-Center learning, and offers a broad range of services and support. 

Get to know our team members and our areas of expertise and interest below.

Services for the SSCN

JFF offers services to Student Success Centers in supporting Centers’ work with colleges to implement guided pathways, as well as supporting Center capacity and operations. JFF partners with a cadre of national providers that offer expertise in multiple areas. All of these services are provided at no cost to the Centers, through funding to JFF from national and local foundations. JFF staff work closely with Center staff to assess the needs of each Center and its colleges–and then to connect the Center to customized technical assistance, training, and other services from both JFF and the national providers.

Key to Levels of Service

Level 1: Online Tools and Resources

such as research publications, policy briefs, recorded webinars, and virtual tools and templates

Level 2: Training, Convening, and Peer Learning

such as Network-wide workshops and webinars, group consultation with national providers, and leadership development opportunities

Level 3: Customized Services

such as state-specific coaching and consultation, institutes, and trainings customized for Centers based on readiness and need for deeper, individualized support


JFF hosts events, webinars, and virtual meetings for the SSCN. See resources from these engagements here.