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Future-focused workforce boards embrace the use of new tools and technologies can improve service delivery and increase equity and access within their communities.

Tech-Enabled: Using New Tools to Build Better Organizations

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Organizations that are tech-enabled, or are striving to become so, continually try to improve the way they do business. By testing and integrating tools and solutions that streamline operations and services and make it easier for everyone to access the workforce system, they are redefining success for their organizations, their communities, and the people they interact with every day.

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Select American Job Centers, workforce boards and professionals embracing new tools and technologies.

Technology is the accelerant for the change we’re hoping to inspire not because technology is the transformation, but because it opens up an expanded conversation and appreciation for what’s possible today and could be possible tomorrow.

Reg Javier, Deputy Executive Officer of Workforce and Economic Dev., San Bernardino County Economic Dev. Agency

Tech-Enabled: Using New Tools to Build Better Organizations

Future-focused workforce boards adopt and adapt new tools and techniques to ensure that their operations are efficient and effective.