Best Bet Profiles

To help young people make informed decisions about which postsecondary pathway to choose, JFF defined a set of criteria that would lead students to a “best bet” credential with value in the local labor market.

Best Bet Profiles

Career Advancement Maps

Sample Best Bet Profile
Computer User Support Specialist

"Best Bet" Cities

Best Bet Profiles for Boston

In 2016, through the Ford Corridors of College Success Initiative, we partnered with the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative in Boston to develop Best Bet Profiles for opportunity youth in the Dudley Village Campus.


Best Bet Profiles for New York City

JFF previously developed Best Bet Profiles for a set of transfer high schools and high school equivalency programs in New York City with generous funding from the Pinkerton Foundation.

Computer User Support Specialist

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What is a Best Bet?

A best bet is a framework and process through which career pathways are identified. These pathways include:

  • Occupation specific information such as entry wage and regional demand projections
  • Training or education options that provide the skills industry employers are looking for
  • Transparent career pathway maps
  • Complementary tools and resources to help local young people better understand which "best bet" is right for them