Improving Diversity and Equity in Apprenticeships for Manufacturing

Over the next 5 years, JFF will work to provide apprenticeship opportunities in manufacturing to nearly 2,000 women and people of color.


U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship


September 2020 – September 2025


Advanced Manufacturing



Key Partners

Chicago Women in Trades (CWIT); Donna Lenhoff, EEO Consultant; Keystone Development Partnership; Manufacturers Association of Central New York (MACNY); Michigan Workforce Development Institute (MI WDI); Progress Worx; Scott Ellsworth, Apprenticeship Consultant; Women in Manufacturing (WiM), Minnesota Training Partnership, Brent Weil

Key Objectives

Register 750 apprentices per year in manufacturing, with at least 50% from underrepresented populations (with a focus on women and people of color)

JFF's Center for Apprenticeship & Work-Based Learning's Improving Diversity and Equity in Apprenticeships for Manufacturing (IDEA-M) project helps manufacturers set up high-quality Registered Apprenticeship programs to meet their workforce goals, with an emphasis on increasing and supporting an organization's diversity and equity standards.

Apprenticeships are an effective way to recruit, retain, and support employees in the manufacturing sector, and combined with formal mentorship, key partnerships, and targeted outreach, these programs can lead to a more diverse manufacturing workforce.

JFF can help with:

  • Apprenticeship program development and registration
  • Related technical instruction: partnering with providers and aligning to your needs
  • Equal employment opportunity and affirmative action plan compliance
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts
  • Financial support for programs and apprentices

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