Video | How Goldman Sachs Recruits Diverse Talent

Changemaker Megan Hogan talks about how building trust with diverse candidates is an essential part of the hiring process.

Published dec. 10, 2019

Changemaker Megan Hogan talks about how building trust with diverse candidates is an essential part of the hiring process.

As the global head of diversity recruiting at Goldman Sachs, Megan Hogan has a big hill to climb. Her mission is to increase the number of women and people from diverse backgrounds at all levels of the organization. Since many Wall Street investment firms, and the financial services sector as a whole, are not perceived to be diverse and inclusive places to work, her mission is a challenge, and an opportunity.

The more than 36,000 people who work at Goldman Sachs provide investment banking and securities management services to 3 million customers around the world. Changing culture and perceptions in such a large and established organization is hard. Making those changes on Wall Street and across the financial services industry is even harder.

Watch Hogan talk about how she is changing job candidates’ perceptions of Goldman Sachs and building trust with diverse communities. Her story was captured at JFF’s Impact Employer Summit in New York City in October 2019. Impact Employers like Goldman Sachs are redefining talent practices to spur economic mobility for workers—and they are seeing impressive business returns as a result.

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We are rethinking the hiring experience so candidates understand that they can trust us with their career.

Megan Hogan, global head of diversity recruiting, Goldman Sachs

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