The experience itself is so powerful. The case makes itself.

Immersive Learning: A Game Changer for Corporate Talent Development

Published feb. 26, 2020

Across a wide range of industries, employers and trainers are adapting traditional coursework and lessons to immersive learning models. These place trainees in interactive environments — either physically or virtually — where they can learn and practice particular skills or techniques.

Forward-thinking companies — we call them Impact Employers — are beginning to incorporate immersive learning into their talent development strategies because it is becoming increasingly scalable, effective, and less expensive. This is only the beginning of a paradigm shift in training.

In a blog on Medium, Cat Ward, managing director, JFF, shares takeaways from Redefining Training at Work, an event where JFF invited leaders from more than 20 leading companies across a variety of industries to look at immersive learning as a tool to lift American workers. Over the course of a day, we explored the business case and the market dynamics, tried out the tools with a curated set of immersive learning partners, and discussed how immersive learning is quickly proving to be more than a passing fad.

If you want to convince your company to invest in immersive learning, have your head of talent put on a virtual reality headset. The experience itself is so powerful. The case makes itself.

Josh Bersin, a global HR analyst and dean of Josh Bersin Academy, at JFF’s recent Redefining Training at Work convening