Corporate Solutions

JFF’s Corporate Solutions help companies design, develop, and implement strategies that produce value for businesses while advancing workers and communities.

Our team members have expertise in the worlds of education, talent management, policy, and regional economic development.

We adapt that knowledge to meet the individual needs of our corporate partners—whether they’d benefit from strategic advisement, program development support, or a partner for on-the-ground implementation.

Our Services



Source and Apply Knowledge



Define the game plan


Design & Development

Build blueprints for execution



Bring the vision to life

More specifically, our team can help you:

Talent Solutions

  • Build, retain, and advance a diverse and qualified workforce.
  • Find, attract, and advance qualified and diverse employees
  • Train and upskill workers so they can advance through the company
  • Guide inclusive workforce planning that will prepare the company for future needs
  • Design comprehensive benefits programs that include offerings such as education and tuition support
  • Guide inclusive workforce planning that will prepare the company for future need

Social Impact Solutions

  • Develop and implement social impact strategies aligned with business goals.
  • Design a social impact strategy related to economic development, workforce and education
  • Identify individual investments that will produce both business and community impact
  • Design and execute effective worker transition programs that equip your employees for future success
  • Identify ways for your employees to lend their expertise and skills to community-based

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