As we prepare for more job loss, one valuable step companies can take is to embrace ethical offboarding.

Ethical Offboarding Strategies for Companies in the Economic Downturn

Published may. 20, 2020

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As companies move from a tight labor market where onboarding and retention were a primary focus to a recessionary economy where layoffs and furloughs are all too common, they should embrace what we call ethical offboarding.

In an article on LinkedIn, Cat Ward, managing director, announced a new resource produced for corporate leaders to help companies reduce the pain of the current economic downturn for workers, position their business for future growth, and lessen operational, legal, and reputational risks.

In the roadmap to ethical offboarding, JFF summarizes the business imperative supporting each strategy and recommends two or three concrete ways to take action. This new asset comes at a particularly relevant moment when the leaders of our nation's biggest companies are playing a critically important role during times of crisis.

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