How Salesforce Recovers Stronger

Impact Employer Salesforce is making additional investments in both worker wellbeing and the creation of tools, resources and forums that support a more inclusive workforce.

Published aug. 21, 2020


Recover Stronger Founding Coalition Member

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Salesforce’s core values of trust, customer success, innovation, and equality have been at the heart of their response to our recent crises.

In the immediate response to COVID, Salesforce gave employees increased flexibility around time off and scheduling and developed weekly B-Well wellness calls to help employees cope with stress and mental health during these trying times. In line with their strong, supportive corporate culture, they also implemented weekly, all staff calls with the CEO and executive team to maintain transparency and trust among employees.

As we move into the recovery period, Salesforce is making additional investments in both the wellbeing of their workers and the creation tools, resources and forums that support a more inclusive workplace.

Most recently, Salesforce announced a new paid leave policy that provides up to 6 weeks of paid time off for family or medical leave. Additionally, they’ve developed a Leading Through Change webinar series that focuses on advice for business leaders on how to manage teams during this time of turbulent change, including on important topics like Covid-19 & Race in America and Injustice & Race.

Salesforce is also using their philanthropic dollars ($7.5M of them!) to support local, regional, and global COVID-19 recovery efforts, with a focus on addressing long-term health and economic inequalities magnified by the pandemic. The donation includes $2M of incremental support for current education and workforce development grantees faced with increased costs or lost revenue from COVID-19.

To intentionally build a diverse workforce, we need to apply a lens of inclusivity to every decision we make. Our participation in the #RecoverStronger Initiative underscores our commitment to building a future where everyone thrives.

Ebony Beckwith, Chief Philanthropy Officer, Salesforce