Workers and industry are beginning to partner to develop new technologies

Reinventing the Relationship Between Workers and Tech

Published dec. 11, 2019

New and emerging technologies have the power to improve the lives of workers and make jobs more stable, fair, and dignified, while still delivering value and profit. The first step is making sure workers have a seat at the table — and a voice — to shape every aspect of technology, from design and development, investment and adoption, and policymaking and governance.

In an article published on TechCrunch, ETF@JFFLabs was featured as an example impactful effort that funds, "A number of technologies designed for and by workers, as well as startups founded by former low-wage workers and worker organizers."

ETF@JFFlabs is committed to reimagining a more inclusive future of work—a future where technology is used to increase access to learning, employment, and economic mobility for all adults.

Image Credits: Morsa Images (opens in a new window)/ Getty Images.