Report | Changing the Equation: Empowering Adult Learners with Edtech

ETF@JFFLabs Featured in Report Exploring How Technology Can Transform AdultEd Outcomes


In the face of the Future of Work employers and educational institutions are developing solutions to the changing landscape of skills. Meanwhile, millions of American adults lack the advanced literacy and numeracy skills they need to succeed. In this climate, there’s a critical role for impact investors focused on the ways that technology and innovation can support adult learners.

Over the course of three years, Luminary Labs produced Power in Numbers on behalf of the U.S. Department of Education. This series explores how technology can transform outcomes for adult learners. In a recent Power in Numbers report, Changing the Equation: Empowering Adult Learners with EdTech, ETF@JFFLabs was featured as an example of an impact investment fund supporting early-stage companies and driving real outcomes for adult learners. Here’s three learnings from ETF@JFFLabs shared in greater detail in the report:

  1. Edtech platforms should address multiple user needs
  2. Meet adult learners on their own terms
  3. Defining metrics from the outset is critical for good edtech design

Produced by:

Luminary Labs

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