2020 Assessment Technology

For use in entry-level and middle-skill IT jobs and training programs, including apprenticeships.


The world of work is rapidly evolving. New education and training models are needed to prepare students and workers for the jobs and careers of the future, and to support the talent needs of business today.

At JFFLabs, we scan markets to identify promising technology solutions that are poised to generate significant social impact and are aligned to important topics such as assessments. For this market scan, we partnered with Salesforce.org to search the assessments marketplace and organize solutions around social impact.

About the Market Scan

  • What we include: An examination of the assessments market, including a map of companies that represent a range of solutions we see in the market today. We present impact opportunities, technology trends, market dynamics, and impact investment insights.
  • Who we feature: 80 companies organized and mapped to our impact priorities, and deep dives on 12 innovators to watch. These companies are creating significant business that is aligned to social impact, developing potentially transformative innovations, or being led by inspiring founders and teams.

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How We Select Companies

At JFFLabs we create social impact for workers, learners, business, and traditional systems. We partner with companies with established products, market fit, and the ability to deliver meaningful social impact in tandem with the growth of their business. Our impact priorities include:

  • Good jobs and careers
  • Education and training
  • Equity and inclusiveness
  • Advancement and economic security

Today’s advances in assessment technology help us create accurate, affordable, and efficient systems to evaluate talent based on what they know and what they can do, as opposed to relying on inaccurate signals, such as a degree, pedigree, or social and professional network connections.

We have greater opportunities than ever to leverage assessments in education and training programs—from higher education to apprenticeship to corporate training programs. Moreover, we can use assessments to create diverse teams and to achieve superior performance, productivity, and engagement.

Through this scan, we see that assessments will become an even more important tool in the identification, selection, training, and education of individuals across the globe.

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One of my favorite things about JFF is that they are constantly seeking out and supporting innovations in the workforce development space.

Ebony Beckwith, EVP & Chief Philanthropy Officer