JFFLabs Immersive Learning Impact Accelerator

JFFLabs works with entrepreneurs and growth-stage companies to accelerate and scale technology-based workforce and educational innovations.

Today’s advances in immersive technologies create new opportunities for companies as well as education and training providers to build engaging, effective, and affordable systems to train talent through simulated environments.

At JFFLabs, we scan markets and work with mission-aligned entrepreneurs and growth-stage companies to accelerate and scale technology-based solutions that are poised for significant social impact and are aligned to important innovations, such as immersive technology. The offerings of growth-stage immersive learning companies range from mobile apps used in traditional classroom settings to alternative learning solutions delivered in a variety of formats, including through employers and via personalized, self-paced systems.

We partnered with Walmart to scan the market, identify great immersive solutions, and work directly with companies that are poised for impact. These companies demonstrated product/market fit and have the ability to deliver meaningful social impact as their businesses grow. Working across JFF and JFFLabs, our Impact Accelerator aligns social impact with the needs of business, education, and workforce systems.

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2020 Immersive Learning Technology

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The value is clear: Immersive learning tools help companies, educators, and training providers prepare people better, faster, and more efficiently.

But the impact doesn’t have to stop at the bottom line. These technologies can make training accessible to a wider range of workers and ultimately increase the diversity of the workforce and open up new opportunities for advancement by enabling people to adapt and develop their skills quickly.

2020 Immersive Learning Technology | Market Scan

This market scan identifies the most promising immersive learning technologies that are poised to generate significant social impact.

We’re excited to support the work of JFFLabs to bring immersive learning and work-based learning to the retail industry and beyond.

Andy Trainor, vice president, Walmart US Learning